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Saturday, March 31, 2007

So where is Daddy?

Daddy stopped at a motel a couple miles from Bloomington-Normal. He drove about 750 miles today, so that means he has about 450 miles of driving tomorrow. We are very excited! as would anyone else be if they had to stay in a hospital for a month.

There is another family here, whose son had just finished his 3 years and 3 monthes of chemo and they are pretty sure he relapsed, but they can't tell because his bone marrow cells are dead.
They have been in this hospital for six weeks and will be here much longer. Besides all that, this boy's mom, 9 year old sister and 10 month old brother are staying with him.

I should get back to Momma and James now. As Tigger would say TTFN, Ta Ta for now!


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