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Friday, March 2, 2007

Silver Lining

In this post, I shared how we are seeing the Lord provide for us in special personal ways. There have been other silver linings, too, and I hope to chronicle some of them.

When we left home for Duluth initially, we thought we were racing a big storm. We ended up getting here in plenty of time. This has proven a good place to be in the storm. Up on the eighth floor we had a better view of the city and even with all the blowing snow, we could see some lights most of the time. During the brief time we couldn't, we were treated to an awesome lightning display that would briefly turn the sky pink! Once the snow stopped last night, we could look out from our towering window and see a wonderland that most won't get to see. We never had any trouble being warm, dry or fed. This morning we had front row seats to watch some of the snow plowing efforts.

Love, Stephanie

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