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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Funny answers

We just got back from taking James down to pediatric radiology. They couldn't do his test. The heartbreaker of the whole thing was that he had gone so long without breastfeeding today to prepare and it was a really hard day for him painwise.

They couldn't do the test because there is still contrast in his body from the upper GI test they did last week. Normally by this far out, all the contrast should have been passed, but it wasn't this time and then we wouldn't get an accurate test.

One thing that may happen is daily x-rays until all the contrast is gone. We are waiting to hear from the GI docs and the surgeon to see if they want to do anything different.

Please continue to pray for wisdom and timing and protection for James from infection. Maybe this delay is doing just that.

Love, Stephanie

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