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Saturday, March 10, 2007

A strategy game for two-year-olds

James had a good afternoon today once he finally got some more fluids into his system by IV. He perked right up and got to working hard on his favorite baby strategy game.

It didn't last forever, but it was fun to play with him for a while instead of just comfort him.

Last night, we all slept at least as well as we would have if we were home and the one morphine shot seemed to give James the respite he needed from the pain and cramping. It is true that morphine can slow down the gut and isn't the optimum pain reliever for someone who may have an ileus. However, we have to find some balance in treating James' pain and dealing with other medical issues. In his case, he generally has pretty good bowel sounds--sometimes too good. We suspect those 'too good' sounds and related activity were the culprits causing the pain James could no longer bear. As this thing progresses, we are getting more suspicious of an intestinal blockage. Almost certainly, whatever James' intestines are doing is a side effect of the chemo drug Vincristine. Even with James not taking anything more by mouth or tube since yesterday, he is still oozing some nasty stuff from his G-tube site--though in much smaller quantities. We gotta wonder what is putting that much reverse pressure on his little tummy.

As of tonight, James is on TPN (total parenteral nutrition). He is getting nutrition and fats and liquids through his central line (IV). Hopefully, this will give him some relief from the hunger and allow his belly to rest some more. I think the plan is to see how his tummy looks tomorrow (we've been getting regular morning x-rays for the past three days) and then try something in his tummy to see if he can tolerate anything yet. If this doesn't work, we will need to get some more expert help on Monday.

On the home front--everyone at home is working hard to sort and pack stuff for the big move. I had this thought last night that in two weeks, we'll be closing on our house. It seems strange not to be there and yet it seems right to be here. Vern's cousin Marian has a great network of folks here that have shown much interest in our chickens and pens and one local friend bought some for his family to raise birds in. None of the ads we posted have brought any interest, so we are very grateful to Marian for her help with this aspect of the move--thanks, Marian!

Vern has decided that doing a moving sale would be way too much at this point and so they are putting things in piles, boxes and bags to take to the Salvation Army or the Goodwill. Tonight is probably Vern's last day at work, so that he can focus on getting everything ready. At this point, it looks like we are again aiming for Georgia while continuing to wait on word regarding James' medical coverage. Tomorrow, Lord willing, we will all be together and Monday, Owen turns 11.

Praise the Lord for 1)a good night's rest last night; 2)a nap today and 3)the wonderful way that Momma's can comfort their babies. 4)For His overwhelming protection and 5)incredible provision. 6)For the great love He has shown us through so many.

Please pray with us for 1)wisdom in diagnosing James' true intestinal problems and 2)for healing. 3)For continued protection, especially protecting James from illness. 4)For safe travels on Sunday for the rest of family, 5)continued wisdom and clear direction for decisions that need to be made. 6)For strength for those at home to continue with all that needs to be done. 7)That the Lord would richly bless all those who have so richly blessed us whom we feel we could never possibly repay.

If you haven't left a comment, please do. It doesn't need to be any more than, "I read your blog today." or "Thinking of you." We love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.

Love, Stephanie

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Bonnie (for the Auld family) said...

I'm reading when I can. (Currently in FL on my mom's computer-she just had back surgery).
Praying for health for the family, complete healing for James, rest for those who need it, wisdom for necessary decisions, patience in the daily minute-by-minute, peace-as you walk each step, faith and complete trust in the Lord to continue to direct even in the small details...and all the things that you listed, too. PRAISE GOD from whom all blessings flow!! Hugs for each of you!