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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hair, hair everywhere; and other news

When we were still in Duluth, I asked Dr. Wiermaa when a person on chemo usually starts to lose their hair. She said, "Oh, sometime around the end of the first month." Hannah and I have been noticing in the last couple of days that when we run our fingers through James' hair, a small handful comes out with our fingers. It isn't noticeable just yet, but it probably won't be long before we'll need to be looking for some hats. It could be dangerous to have a bare head during a Georgia summer. I understand that he probably won't remain bald for the entire three years and one month remaining of his chemo, but I'm not sure when to expect it to start growing back.
We were concerned yesterday that perhaps Hannah was getting the flu. Today, PTL, she is just fine. She even had Texas Chili for lunch. This evening we did 'pizza and a movie'. The pizza was from the cafeteria, the movie was Charlotte's Web. Nice family film. James enjoyed watching with us through most of the movie.

This afternoon a volunteer stopped by with some very nice fleece blankets. They were made by the family of a former patient from our floor and wing and were donated to be given to a current patient here. We were blessed to get to choose one for James to keep.

James has done wonderfully with his feedings. He is eating some food (yogurt, cantaloupe, cheese tortellini, cheddar cheese, peanut butter). He chewed up some green beans that he actually got into to his mouth with a fork, almost by himself, but then the chewed up green beans fell out, instead of getting swallowed. This is why we have a feeding tube.
We were able to do some laundry today. They somehow repaired the washer and dryer in the family lounge and we used one. The note on the machine says, "please limit to 7 pounds". I wonder how many pieces weigh 7 pounds. Since the party that set up the washer didn't notice the sign, we put in more than that and it took just over two hours to wash the load! Tomorrow we will know better!

Tomorrow James will have his end-of-induction-phase bone marrow and spinal tap. Unfortunately, he will have new docs for this as the top two rotate tomorrow. :* It seems that they all switch around just as we get into a good working relationship. Bummer. The results of this procedure tomorrow will determine what level of treatment James gets for the rest of his therapy.

We now have five people who have weighed in to see photos from the Georgia part of the family. Some have asked not to have their comments posted. I am enjoying reading comments (notes) from you! Some I haven't heard from in years! Thanks for your notes ... and your thoughts and prayers too. If you haven't ever left a comment, please's fun for us to know who is keeping up with us here.

James and me snuggling (and NOT nursing, hooray!) while eating cantaloupe and watching Charlotte's Web.

Hannah and James snuggled up with James' new fleecy blanket.

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Matt Hinton said...

Hello Skelly Family! This is Matt Hinton. I wanted to say hello and let you know I'm praying for you. Also, I wanted to give you the link to check out the juice that really helped my Dad when he had cancer. They say it really helps someone in chemo.
May the Lord bless you today....