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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Some very specific prayer requests

I talked to Dr. Lund, the fellow that did James spinal and bone marrow today. He said James is still totally cancer-free in his spinal fluid, which remains a very good thing. He also said he was ready to start James on continuous g-tube feeding!!! He'll start out slow and keep working up using a formula James is familiar with and leaving the step up (if there will be one) for us to work out with a dietitian in Georgia (yippee!!)

By doing this, James will, more than likely, be ready to be discharged Monday. This is WONDERFUL news. Hannah and I, of course, will be more than ready.

By tomorrow, we should have an appointment scheduled at Emory (probably for next Thursday, maybe for Friday). Then I will call the Corporate Angel Network folks and see if they have any flights that would work for us. (It would be incredible to get a Monday afternoon flight to Atlanta.) We should also know then if Hannah will be able to fly with James and me. We have about five possible back up plans in case there is no flight that will work for us or if James and I can fly, but Hannah can't.

It is looking very possible that we could actually have a few days with family in Toomsboro before going to Emory. I don't know yet how long we can expect to stay, but I plan to ask that question tomorrow.

Please pray with us:
  1. that we can get an appointment scheduled at Emory for Thursday or Friday, preferably Friday.
  2. that we can all three fly to Georgia on Monday on a Corporate Angel Network flight. If not, that the Lord would make clear which back up plan we should use and smooth the way.
  3. that James would do well getting back to tube feedings, would keep improving with eating by mouth and would continue to be protected from any infection. (I just can't tell you how grateful we are for the real miracle here that James has had NO infections during his whole induction phase--ESPECIALLY considering his leaking tube)

God bless each of you. We are grateful to have friends and family walking through this with us, sharing our joys and sorrows along the way.

Love, Stephanie

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