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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sorry, no pictures today

Last night, Vern and company stayed in a familiar hotel in Paducah, KY. It is the same place we stayed on our way to GA in January when we went down for the wedding. We got a call from them around 9:40 that they are getting on their way. Grandpa John made it to somewhere between the AL/TN border and Birmingham. He'll probably be in Toomsboro today.

Hannah, James and I stayed right here in Minneapolis, of course. James has a little upper airway raspiness and is having some trouble coughing it up. I'm sure it hurts to cough when you've just had abdominal surgery. I remember!

The surgeon, Dr. Saltzman continues to be pleased with James' progress and is pushing the oncology docs to get him feeding through his new g-tube today. We will start really lightly to begin with (5 mls of pedialyte/hour) seeing how he tolerates it. Since he has already been breastfeeding, I think he will do fine with this. Tonight, though, we will probably bump it up and we'll see whether or not his stomach is ready to push things out--please pray that it is!

We will also remove James continuous morphine and see how he does with occasional boluses.

Yesterday we napped a lot. We may do that today too. It is really quiet on the floor this weekend because they discharged quite a number of long-term patients on Friday. Hooray for them! Our turn will come. Tomorrow we will have been here for two weeks for a grand total of 26 days in a row in the hospital.

We sure appreciate yours prayers and your encouraging notes. If you haven't already left a comment, please do. You can always say, "no need to post" if you prefer to keep it private.

Please pray:
  1. that James would tolerate today's tube feedings well and his stomach would move it through, like it's supposed to and for wisdom to manage his pain as we pull his continuous morphine.
  2. that his congestion would clear up and not be an issue.
  3. for continued protection against infection.
  4. for continued safe and uneventful travels for Vern and the children and for Grandpa John.
Love, Stephanie

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