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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hannah changed my mind

Hannah snapped this nice photo of me and James sharing yogurt. James was being fussy and Hannah suggested that if I weren't there, it might be easier for him to settle down. She then suggested that I should come down here to the family resource center where we use the computer and do a post and include the picture. So, here I am.

We got off the phone with Katie shortly before I left the room. They stopped near Birmingham, AL for supper at a BK, and are getting very close to Atlanta. They anticipate arriving in Toomsboro between 9:30 and 10:30 eastern time. Everyone has been tickled to see budding trees and green leaves and grass. If you are reading this on Sunday evening, please pray for the stamina Vern needs to finish the run. He is getting tired.

James has had a pretty good day. He has been a little needier again today and we attribute that to turning off his morphine pump. He's gotten a couple of boluses of morphine to help with the pain, but has been nursing a lot more. His gravelly throat seems to be just fine and he begged to taste some ice cream, some yogurt and he ate a little bit of soup earlier today. Tonight, they brought him a tray that had tortellini with marinara sauce. He was happy to taste a few very small bites. Tonight he will get a very light run of formula through his tube and tomorrow we will give him a chance to have more and to hopefully try some more food.

We are very grateful that, although his temp has varied a good bit over the last couple of days, James seems to be avoiding infection. Praise the Lord! Sores on his stomach from dressing tape are beginning to show signs of healing. It is a much slower process with the steroids and chemo in his system. Hopefully that will improve Thursday when he comes off of the steroids.

I am hoping we'll be able to get to bed early tonight, but that may be wishful thinking. Tomorrow promises to be another busy hospital day. We are also hoping to add posts from Georgia in the not-too-distant future, as well.

Love, Stephanie

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