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Friday, March 30, 2007

Things are moving quickly

The pace has definitely picked up around here for us. We now have a definite plan for James being discharged on Monday (barring any unforeseen infections or setbacks, of course... this would be a great thing to pray for protection from!)

We have an appointment scheduled for James at Emory/Eggleston's for Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m. We should expect to be there for 2-4 hours, but it would be a good idea to bring things for an overnight stay. Just in case. I don't think I will go to another doctor's appointment without an overnight bag for the next few years!!!

I called the Corporate Angel Network and they have no flights that will get us to our scheduled appointment.

So Vern duly considered all the other options--we had quite a few and we are very thankful to have had options! In the end, it seems that the best option for us is for Vern to drive up from Georgia over the weekend and then all four of us will drive back to Georgia, hopefully arriving by Tuesday night. That will at least give us Wednesday together before we have to take James to his next big appointment.

James continues to do excellently. He is comfortable, eating more, has more interest in food and life and the things and people around him. I am very excited about the reality of his being ready to travel on Monday.

We have a lot of little things to get together here to be ready to leave, so those will be top priority for us. Every time I turn around, someone new is coming in to talk to me about something important regarding James' discharge and our trip to Georgia. I have my own share of phone calls to make as well.

Please keep praying for James' protection from infection and for all the details to come together.

Here's the big guy giving his best smile. He is really perking up in spite of his new 'chemo kid' hairdo. Now that he is smiling so big again, you can still see a little of the Bell's Palsy. But it is MUCH better.
James with one of his favorite nurses, Stacie. We are hoping she'll be with us through the weekend, helping us move on out the door and down the road!
The other of the two pictures Hannah took of me and James... he was pretty content for the moment!
James waving for the camera. Not sure if it was before or after he hit the nurse call button--twice!

Love to all, Stephanie

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Anonymous said...

such an encouraging post! So glad I was able to and remembered to check tonight... Loving your other babies from a little distance and looking forward to y'all being here. We'll be praying! thanks for posting the you...