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Friday, March 9, 2007

Good news and a little setback

Well, after running and re-running the tests on James' bone marrow from yesterday and his blood samples today, the determination is (drum roll, please)... James is in remission! Like I said here, remission doesn't mean the cancer is gone, but that it is almost gone. Specifically, that less than 5% of the cells in James' bone marrow are cancer cells.

The tests show that James no longer has any blasts (immature cancer cells) in his blood and the cancer cells in his bone marrow as of yesterday make up only 3.6%. So that is very good news and we all (especially James' oncologist, Dr. Wiermaa) are very pleased.

However, this roller coaster ride has only just begun. I guess I was a little premature in announcing that James' system had recovered from the ileus. Once we started increasing his intake of food (little bits of light foods--which James was initially thrilled to have in his hungry little tummy) and fluids (mostly formula), it has become apparent that things are not moving through as they ought to. After he ate some red jello this afternoon, red liquid started leaking out his G-tube site. He also started acting like he did last Friday. While Dr. Wiermaa was in with us, she 'happened' to be listening to his belly sounds when he did one of his questionable growls and at the same time he had significant belly noises. It looks to her like he is cramping, which is kind of what I was thinking, but I just wasn't sure. PTL, for some quasi-tangible confirmation. I decided to go right for the morphine since the Tylenol with codeine didn't do anything for him last week.

So, please rejoice with us that James is responding so well to the chemotherapy (from the cancer cell standpoint), but please pray with us that his intestines would recover, that if there is any type of blockage, we would be able to find it and it would not require surgery, but would clear quickly on its own. Please pray, too, for some restful sleep tonight for all three of us.


Mom said...

Praying.... and sent it out to all on my list... M/N Hugs

Mom said...

Hey Steph - Me again... I just received a call from my nurse friend after she read your post(I sent out as a prayer request). She said, of course, she doesn't know the patient but that you needed to know there are different kinds of ileus' (you may know that) and to ask the Dr. if James' is a 'paralytic ileus' she thought morphine was something he shouldn't be taking. However, she also said, as above, she didnt' know the patient and it is important for him to not be in pain. She's speaking from her experiences for 15+ years dealing w/patients after surgery, that it could make it worse depending on type of ileus. I'm passing this on for consideration - not knowing a thing about any of it myself - except that I always thought morphine was constipating. I'm sure Dr. W. is well aware of all of James digestive process surgeries/problems from birth??? Hope good sleep for you 3 is in the Lord's plan for tonite.

Hugs - love you all,