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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Amazing things

For a while now we have been trying to figure out how we could use cloth diapers for James. They wouldn't have worked well on chemo, we thought. Though maybe in hindsight they would have. But we were having the hardest time figuring out how to find one that would fit him.

(And, truth be told, I was a little apprehensive. Since I had had two less-than-impressive forays into the cloth diapering world 18 and 7 years ago.)

James now weighs a little over 40 pounds and there aren't a lot of diapers, by the chart, that looked like they would work. We did ask lots of questions, but it seemed that no one we were asking had dealt with special needs babies who often need diapers much longer than typical children. I really wished we could just try a diaper that was meant for a bigger baby.

Enter Twitter. Since Hannah tweets her giveaways, she's met a number of cloth diapering mamas and one of them very sweetly sent Hannah an extra large-sized FuzziBunz diaper she had! It came in the mail just yesterday! Hannah put it on James, who immediately sighed in relief. (Poor baby, he has been wearing size 6 paper diapers and they are just not big enough anymore.) Not only do these diapers fit, but there is room for James to grow in them. And, if we still need to get bigger, Fuzzi Bunz has an extra large diaper that was made with special needs children in mind!

We were so tickled that we began looking for more FuzziBunz and Hannah found this buy six, get one free deal at Mothering Grace. (Hurry, if you're interested, the deal ends today... but check out Mothering Grace as she hosts a weekly give away and other specials.) Turns out that these are the one-size diapers... and we need the perfect size diapers.

So, we set to searching again. And we found Fuzzi Bunz Seconds AND they have a deal going on for 10 diapers with liners for 2/3s the regular retail price! AND Fuzzi Bunz Store had extra liners 1/2 off in the clearance area. So we put in our orders last night and soon we should have our own little stash of nice cloth diapers that work (he never leaked yesterday in 6 hours!) and FIT! Hallelujah!

Once we had the diaper in hand (and on baby's bottom!), many of the things we had been reading about the new cloth diapers made so much more sense and we have learned a lot!

I'm so grateful to Hannah's Twitter friend for sharing with us!