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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Favorite links

The world of blogs is an interesting place. If you haven't been a part of it, you might find some encouragement out there. Two of my favorite places to visit are:

1) Mommylife-- hosted/written by mom of 12 and author, Barbara Curtis. Barbara and her husband, Tripp, had nine children of their own. Number 8 has Down syndrome. Then they went on to adopt three more boys with Down syndrome. She writes on a variety of topics, mostly Mommying and relationship oriented, but some politics and other timely nuggets from the older women to the younger.

2) Amy's Humble Musings--written by Amy Scott, "wife to a handsome rocket scientist, mom to five children 9 and under, and an aspiring Proverbs 31 woman." Amy's topics vary widely too, but generally cover some aspect of practically living out our Christian faith in our homes and with our families.

Happy reading.



Anonymous said...

Hi, you all. Do they say y'all in Georgia? The pictures are sooo nice. How was your weekend? Did you have any x-rays yet today? Do they continue with that drug (V....) now that there is remission?

Thank you so much for those site addresses. I went right to Amy's . . . (practically living out our Christian faith in our homes and with our families.) I love it. Just makes me smile and smile. I'm anxious to peek at Mommylife too. Oh, yes, and I've made a mental note to check out the book Kate referred to when you were talking about cinnamon . . . No Greater Joy.

You know we had taco salads twice this week. I tried something different. A friend always brought taco salad to fellowship dinner and she said her secret ingredient was Seven Seas Green Goddess dressing. Well, my family was a bit hesitant as it is, afterall, green, but they liked it. Are you still there this week, Hannah?

Oh, I better go. You don't need to post this, you know! I ramble and ramble. I'll be popping back later to see what the plan is for James this week and any other news . . . thanks for all the wonderful posts and pictures.

(Did you see the sun through the fog this morning? It was awesome here. There was definately some personal application there for me.) Love, Ann

Anonymous said...

Just popped in to see if anything new and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Owen too!

Lynn C. said...

Hi. I'm praying for you, all of you. God is in the midst. Yesterday Uncle David read Ps. 77 in church and it really meant a lot to me. Maybe you could gain some comfort from it. Love you...Lynn, Miss Lynn and Lynnie ;) or maybe I should say Miss Lynnie!!