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Thursday, March 1, 2007

James is in surgery

Owen and I just returned from leaving James with the surgeons.

There are a number of things they have to do and best case would be that they would finish by 11:30. I doubt that will happen since when we came upstairs, James' nurse, Apryl, was taking a call asking for the spinal kit that was in his crib when we brought James down. Ah, well. At least he is sleeping soundly and not feeling too hungry :*).

This morning, James got a bag of platelets. First thing they will do in surgery is check his platelet levels. Then they will do a bone marrow biopsy, a spinal tap, the first chemo treatment into the spine, and then insert a Hickman catheter (a central line straight to the heart for delivering future chemotherapy treatments and for future blood draws.)

We are hoping they will be done in surgery by noon, then in recovery and back up to a private room as soon as possible (Praise the Lord, the room we were hoping to clear today did and they need to clean it).

I was hoping to do some links with explanations of things we are learning, but I can only open one window on this computer and can't get the links.

The sleeping situation wasn't the greatest last night and James was a little needy. Owen and I are both tired and dry so we need to go get something to drink. We appreciate your continued prayers for James, the staff and all of us.

With love,


Jamie said...

We are with you in prayer this morning. This blog site, or whatever you call it, is a great tool for keeping in touch with people during such a crisis as this. Hang in there. I'll check in often.

The Skelly Family said...

Thanks, Jamie. I couldn't agree more. I can post all kinds of updates, links and photos and not worry about overloading anyone's mailbox. We are tired, but otherwise very much at peace so far! Stephanie

Hannah Banana said...

Hey Momma,
I'm glad to hear about James from you. We're missing you, Owen and James a lot.

I made Miss Cindi's Banana Chocolate-chip muffins for breakfast, those are the ones I found in the Guidepost magazine. They were really good! Light and fluffy, if that doesn't sound to boastful. Katie suggusted that we save the rest for when we come down to Duluth. (I made a double batch to have enough, I don't think that we've gotten used to the fact that there is only five of us here to cook for yet:*))

Please keep posting about James, I'm sure that we'll keeping checking the blog very often!

I hope that you can get some rest this afternoon and night.

Love you, Hannah

Hannah Banana said...

Oh! I forgot to tell you that I'm praying for Jameser.

Give James a big Hug and a kiss for me.

Love you all, Hannah