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Friday, March 2, 2007

Sleepless night, fever and an MRI

Last night was a busy night for me and for James. He had hard time settling down, though he did dose off a few times and I was able to sleep some while he did. I confess I also slept through some of his fussing. I really needed to.

James started enough of a fever last night that they had to stop the blood transfusion he was getting after about half (130ml). That will get a closer look today. James also started on an antibiotic because they assume at this point that a fever means an infection and there is just no room for an infection. Blood cultures will take about 48 hours to confirm the infection. If they don't, he'll come off the antibiotics.

Because he was fussing so much, we wondered if maybe he wasn't tolerating his tube feeding well (differently formulat here than at home, plus everything else he is getting). This morning he seemed starved as he devoured 2.5 containers of jello (yippee) and tried hard to drink some juice and water from a little cup.

We are taking walk around the floor now--he is sitting in the stroller as I type and is ready to move on... really he is ready to eat more, but he can't because he has an MRI at 10:30.

Please don't think I'm complaining. I knew going in to this that this week would be tough.... Thanks for praying. God is good.

Love, Stephanie

PS I will try to upload pics, but I'm having a hard time making it work.

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