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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Talking about movies

Awhile back, I mention that Momma and I went to Garden cafe at the hospital in Duluth.
One of the many things we talked about was a movie some of us had watch recently called 'Ma and Pa Kettle go to town'.

Here is a little history of the movie, but the main thing we talked about was when Pa was arrested by the police in New York for supposedly poisoning the monkeys at the zoo. Ma had visited the 'Lucien et Louise de Paris' Beauty salon and now looked very fashionable.

At the beginning of the funny part, Ma comes into the station and to the desk and says "I'd like to see Mr. Kettle". Finally the sergeant tells her where Pa is and Ma heads for the room and opens the door just as the three men with Pa Kettle say "TALK". This is now the funny part!

Ma~ "I've come after yah' Pa. Pa~ "You sure look purty Ma" sniff, sniff "and smell purty too."
Ma "never mind all the sweet talk. What they been doing to yah." Pa "nothing, it's been right sociable." Ma "well, I'm taking you outa here" grabs him by the shirt and pulls him out of the the chair. One of the detectives "Just a minute lady, what about his Habeus Corpus"
Ma "I'm taking that too." I've tried to put it in the words they used, but I'm not sure I was very successful at it.

One of the things that makes it hilarious is that Ma has no clue what Habeus Corpus is.
You should see the movie, it is much better than words. Besides, words can't be given Ma's facial expression.

Here is some links to the meaning of Habeus Corpus.

and here is a neat article from 1679,

Love, Hannah

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