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Monday, March 19, 2007

A quick update

Sorry for the 'radio silence' for the last few days. I have busier and James has been a little needier, but we are all well, PTL.

There is no change to speak of in the leakage from James' tube site and so this afternoon the plan in to do an endoscopy to check things out from the inside, look at the irritated site, take some samples to biopsy (there is a possibility that this stomach issue is, in part, caused by a virus--that will take six weeks to confirm via a culture). More than likely, they will remove his G-tube to let the site heal and will put in an N-G tube to continue draining the bile from his stomach.

The doctors are working together to determine the best timing and best dosing for James of the Vincristine, which may be the biggest culprit, but is also the most important weapon in the arsenal of drugs against his leukemia.

Vern and the family are working hard to get everything packed up. The current plan is to have packing pretty much done by Wednesday, then Vern will have to move some larger items--chicken pens, the lawn tractor/snow blower--to a friends, who will try to sell them for us once we are gone. Thursday will be loading the truck and cleaning the house (reinforcements are planning to come help, pray for good health for them). Friday is the house closing and departure.

Sometime today we are hoping to get the ball rolling to request the help of the wonderful folks at Angel Flight to move James to Georgia sometime the first week of April.

I hope to update a little sooner this next time.

Thanks for your notes, thoughts and prayers.

Love, Stephanie

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Anonymous said...

Praying that God's grace will continue to be poured out on your whole the hospital, packing at home,lonely times for each one in the middle of busy-ness --including Vern, Stephanie and each of the children who may want someone (or a hug or cuddle from someone) who they don't happen to be with at the place where they are, packing the truck, moving, moving James, health and rest for you all, for abundant peace that He always holds you in the shadow of His wing, amidst the details that seem to come in demanding amounts that need to be decided on and handled...and above all that the windows of heaven will pour out blessings such that you cannot contain!!! We love y'all! the Aulds