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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Eating out with Momma

Wednesday, Momma and I ate at the Garden Cafe which is in the hospital. We both had taco salads, which were extremely good. However, you shouldn't put both packets of taco sauce on the salads and you might want to skip the three BIG rings of red onions.

It was nice to leave the floor, (should I mention that it is only the second timeI've left the floor since I came here Sunday. The first time was earlier today when James had a CT Scan.) Leaving the floor comes to mean alot when we don't want to and James doesn't want us to leave him by himself. But with James sleeping (another one of those the drug-induced sleeps) and his nurse peeking in on him, it's easier to leave the floor or the room when someone is peeking in on him and he's sleeping.

Anyway, back to the Garden Cafe. we left here around 4p.m. because we needed to find something to have for supper and Momma wanted to try Garden Cafe! We were really pleased with the taco salads, I just have to remember not to put the two packs of taco sauce on my salad and to not eat the red onion. Unless I want drink alot of water:*).

Love, Hannah

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