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Monday, March 12, 2007

A visit from the home folks

The highlight of our whole weekend was being together as a family for a few hours on Sunday afternoon. Vern and the crew arrived around three in the afternoon. Hannah and I were *finally* able to open and view the whole slide show from Jarod and Anna's wedding, so we had saved it for everyone to watch. Then we had a sort of picnic lunch of grilled burgers and potato salad and tea--it was wonderful to have some food from home and even better to have it with the home folks.
After lunch, some of they children played with the laptop and found Part 1 of a 1940s-style movie about a private eye named Sam Franklin on Mr. Jarod's xanga site. They all huddled around the laptop to watch Part 1 and they want to know when he is going to post Part 2.
Before everyone left Sunday evening, we sang several hymns together and Hannah and James and I realized how much we miss being home for the singing. And so we appreciate some of the day-to-day things more when we get to miss them for a while.
Love, Stephanie

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