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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Looks like the surgery tomorrow is planned for about 2:15 p.m. This could change, of course, just like all surgery schedules can. It always seems that the later one is scheduled in the day, the greater the likelihood of a bigger, later change.

Today we are running more GoLYTLEY through James to try to clean him out for surgery. Unfortunately, most of what is coming out is coming out of his g-tube site. It's pretty gross and looks pretty painful. It also makes an incredible mess. I asked the nurse today if this is what a colostomy is like and she said this is much worse.

Some of James' clotting factors tests came back with some really goofy results, so they got another specialist involved and think they have an answer as to why. It has something to do with one of his chemo drugs. It should, theoretically, be out of his system. However it appears it is not. James' body seems to hang on to all these nasty little things longer than most of us do. Because the Peg-Asparaginase he received in Duluth still appears to be in his system to some degree, it is likely affecting the ability of his liver to make some important clotting factors for his blood. The plan is to give James plasma tonight to see if it helps and then give him more, plus some blood and maybe some other clotting factors by IV tomorrow, closer to his surgery time.

The folks at home sound really tired when we have talked to them on the phone. It also sounds like they have tons of help. Last I heard, the truck was loaded and heading off to pick up the car dolly and the trailer was just about full. The basement was emptied and clean and the upstairs was about done. The buyers came by to walk through although I was under the impression that Vern was supposed to meet Mr. Buyer tomorrow morning to tell him about the heating system.

Please keep praying:
  1. that the Lord would continue to keep little James safe from infection and give him physical comfort. (It's been another tough day, although we have tried to keep him as comfortable as we can).
  2. that all the house stuff would be wrapped up and everyone would get a good, refreshing nights sleep.
  3. for safe, uneventful travels for Vern and the children and for Grandpa John who is driving the big truck.

I am heading out to the car shortly to get what we will need out of the car. In the morning, Grandpa John's son will come pick up the car so that Grandpa John can load it onto his car dolly and head south. He will drive ahead of Vern to start with to give himself a cushion if something should go wrong with the moving truck.

We are overwhelmed (in a good way), humbled and very grateful for all the thoughtful and generous gifts of time, food, help, money, prayers, notes and more. May our Lord bless all of you richly, as you have blessed us.

Love, Stephanie

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