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Saturday, March 24, 2007


It was sad to see the rest of the family driving off into the sunset,
which it was, well almost. Knowing that it would be about 2-3 weeks before we'd get to see them again. Yet feeling glad that they could come by for a visit and be able to see James.

While they were here, I took Owen, Becca and Carrie with me upstairs to put away some food that they had brought us. While we were there, we watched our roommate, a three month old baby who is very cute, so her mom could get some lunch. Both the little girls thought she was cute too. I think that Carrie was amazed at how little she was. Most of the time we were up there, Carrie and Becca were watching the baby.

Ronald from the Ronald McDonald house came by today, and gave James and me stickers that said 'I met Ronald'.

Love, Hannah

P.S. the picture I'm talking about is the fourth picture down from the top.

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