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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Surgery is over

Well, I'm happy to report that they actually finished up with James around 11:50. At 11:40 I was getting a report from Dr. Weirmaa. The central line went in with no problem. The bone marrow aspiration was a challenge--the cancer cells can make the marrow 'sticky' and difficult to pull out. She did a second stick on the other side of his hip and was able to get what she needed for the marrow, as well as the bone biopsy. The spinal went well and looked better than she had hoped.

James was pretty agitated when he came up from surgery. Even while I was holding him he seemed pretty uncomfortable, so he got some morphine and is sleeping comfortably. He seems to be having trouble with his oxygen saturation levels, so that would be a good thing to pray about--both his comfort and his oxygen levels.

While we are waiting on the actual diagnosis, Owen and I had some lunch (toasted cheese sandwches on bread from home, hard-boiled eggs from home and some milk). We also got a couple of pictures of James, which I'll post here. When we hear from Dr. Wiermaa, I'll post again.

Prayer requests:
1. Wisdom for managing James' pain.
2. That his oxygen saturation levels would improve and hold.
3. For a clear diagnosis.


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