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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Things continue to move along here. It looks like we are on track for leaving Monday--hoping to be driving off into the sunset with my Knight-In-Shining-Armor, our little man and one of our fair maidens by about 9:00 a.m. The doctors are starting everything they can ahead of time to make sure things are in place for us to go. Dr. Neglia was very pleased that Vern is coming up to get us.

This morning James' white blood cell counts are moving up into a good range for making the trip. Dr. Neglia said that should continue. His hemoglobin is a little low and we will certainly be watching that. The plan is to get him off his TPN (the nutrition he gets through his IV/central line) tonight and get him all ready to eat normally--for him anyway. Normally includes eating real food by mouth, having boluses through his g-tube to make up for some of what he is missing, and then getting the rest of what he needs through an all night tube feeding at night.

Just before I left the room to come down here, I talked to Vern. He was getting close to Chattanooga, TN and he sounded pretty excited. Hannah and I are pretty excited he is coming. It will give Vern a chance to see his mom--which he didn't get to do before he headed off with the children, and the drive back will give us some great opportunities to catch up on some things that are hard to talk about on the phone.

We have a few things to pack up here and keeping on top of James' care. Getting him a bath, changing the dressing on his central line site, and mealtimes (which take about an hour or more as we step through eat part of the process. This should be a little less time-consuming when we get home and work a little more efficiently.

Here is James, the Sleeping Sweetie, all by himself in the bed last evening, taking a little nap.

Please pray:
  1. for continuted protection for James from infection; that he would adjust to feeding by mouth and tube (everything going through his stomach), so that he would be ready for the trip home to Georgia.
  2. for us as we pack up to 'move'
  3. that all the things would come together for the meds and care items that James needs to be ready by Monday morning.
  4. for Vern's safe travels and a great visit with his mom.
  5. for the children in Georgia--safety, protection, peace, comfort--while Vern is travelling to bring us home.

Love, Stephanie

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