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Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh well

This morning's post triple copied because I posted it twice and the computer told me it didn't work. I didn't even realize it had posted three times until Hannah came back from reading the blog to tell me. Oh well. I can't figure out how to delete the extras, so, for now, they will stay.

James ate a little more today and we bumped up his feedings to just 10ml/hour (about 2 teaspoons). His belly is distended this evening and he was in quite a bit of pain earlier. We did go ahead and give him some morphine and the doctors stopped his tube feeding for the time being. It is important to get him back to his normal diet and off the IV feeds (also called TPN or Hyper-Al).

Vern had lots of help in Georgia unloading the truck and trailer and they got everything returned. I think everyone slept well last night. All are excited to be in Georgia. Grandpa John scoped out the little white house (I will write more about that later) and thought that for $30,000 and LOTS of elbow grease we could have ourselves a very nice place. Vern says when we all get down there, we'll have a cookout so we can see everyone like they have.

Tomorrow I think they are planning on sorting some boxes and taking a few more things up to storage.

Enjoy the pictures and please pray that James will heal enough, or whatever needs to happen will, so that he can get his feeds by mouth and through his g-tube without pain.

James--trying some of his spaghetti from lunch the proper (?!!!) way, with a little encouragement from Hannah.
A little playtime with the physical therapist.
Mr. Spaghetti Face relaxing after a hard morning of eating and playing... And getting a bath.

Love to all,

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