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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A quiet day

The last two days have been pretty stressful for James, so the oncology team agreed that it would be good to have a day of snuggling and laying low, catching up on missed comfort, while they strategize as to the best way to treat James' gastro-colic fistula.

Here is a picture of James and Hannah--finally--for you to enjoy. Thanks to one of the nursing students on the floor today for helping me 'crack the code'.
James looks a little groggy in this picture, taken this morning, because he is on a continual low dose of morphine, which seems to be helping with his comfort most of the time. The polka-dotted band is a clever little invention which covers up the entrance of his central line, helps keep the tape secure and has a nifty little upside down pocket with Velcro to hold the unused central line ribbons that could otherwise hang down and get caught on something. All the blue band-aids mark the most recently used fingers for his every-six-hour blood glucose tests.

Enjoy your own quiet sometime today. Thanks for your prayers and support.

Love, Stephanie

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