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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The game plan

All the medical thinking heads involved in James' care got together today (oncologists, gastro-intestinal specialists, pediatric surgeons and radiologists) to debate the best plan of action for James' care. We always knew he was a special little guy and this just further confirms it. :*).

In the final analysis, it looks like surgery is the answer. The sooner, the better. It is tentatively scheduled for Friday in the early afternoon. We should have a more specific time tomorrow. Of course, we'll know the real time when they wheel him into the operating room.

It looks like transferring James' medical assistance to continue his care here once our house has sold will be an easy thing to do. We are still working on transferring his coverage to Georgia, but that is beginning to come together too.

I spoke with someone at Corporate Angel Network today and it is looking like that is currently our best possible option for getting James safely to Georgia at this point. There are still some details to work out, though, and nothing is certain.

Please pray:
  1. that the Lord would continue to improve James' immunity and increase his infection-fighting capacity and strength to handle surgery.
  2. that if this isn't the right answer, or the right time, that the Lord would bring a safe delay, but that if it is the right answer and the right time He would allow nothing to get in the way.
  3. for wisdom for all involved in James' care.
  4. for strength for the folks at home as they finish up the last details of packing and loading and cleaning up the house.
  5. that the Lord would go before us all and prepare the way to all be together again in Georgia.
  6. that He would continue to get the glory.

The oncologist said today that they didn't know how I did it. I told them the only answer is Jesus. I don't see how anyone can do this without him. Truly.

Love, Stephanie

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