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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Our address

A while back, Mary asked for an address to send cards to James. I got the address from the nurses finally, but then felt uneasy publishing them on the blog. Vern agreed and suggested this option:

If you would like to send something to James (or think you would), use the comment link below and make a comment. Include your e-mail address (which I absolutely promise not to publish, since I don't want to publish my own e-mail address!) and let me know you want the address. I'll be happy to e-mail the address to you...and don't want you to feel obligated to send something just because you asked for the address.

If you comment and need me to e-mail you, please include your address, because I probably don't have it here.

Thanks for your prayers, love, support and concern about us.

Love, Stephanie

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