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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Whiney mommy

Yesterday, I whined.

We got a new oncologist on the floor, Dr. Iffie, who is from Nigeria. She took my whining in the spirit in which it was intended and things started moving. The surgeon came by to chat about the possibility of James needing a colostomy to get him through chemo. This was something Vern and I had already realized was a possibility and so we are prepared for the idea, if those that know, believe it would help.

Last evening, James had a contrast enema which showed that he has no strictures. This is a good thing and means that James' surgeon in Minnesota was able to remove all the colon affected by Hirschsprung's disease. The enema part was also effective in cleaning James out to some degree.

Today we are waiting to hear the consensus between the oncologists, the surgeon and the GI docs. My goal is to get James up to snuff and go home as soon as we can. There is plenty we are needed for there--not the least of which is giving lots of hugs--and we will have plenty more opportunities to be here in the future.

Please pray for wisdom as we consider the decisions that need to be made.

Love, Stephanie

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