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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another little setback and some sweet photos

James talked to Daddy on the phone. Then he wanted to practice some more.
Is he smiling for the phone or the camera?
[Insert your own appropriate caption here]
Yesterday (Friday) we tried starting James on formula. His belly started to get a little distended, though it remains pretty soft. The docs decided to stop his feeds. At this point, I think they are pretty concerned about a recurrence of last weekend. That is good. We do not want to repeat that!
While stopping feeds is a little bit of a set back, it gave me more time to think about this whole situation and consider things I have learned and know about James that would help the doctors.
Late last night, at just the right time, one of the surgical residents stopped by at just the right time and I took the opportunity to share my thoughts with her. She thought they had merit and passed them up to her fellow, who thought that it was a good idea. So they are recommending that we get James back on erythromycin as a motility drug, along with miralax morning and evening. I am hoping things will start working for James by Sunday night.
In the meantime, I am working on my own recommendations for getting James back to eating.
Please pray that things will start working and that if this is the wrong thing, the Lord would make it clear early on and He would show us the right thing to do. Please pray, too, for wisdom in putting together my proposed plan for James' eating and in presenting it and for wisdom for those making the decisions.
Love, Stephanie

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