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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bad, bad mom

James and Katie resting after the Momma-caused trauma.

This morning, when I got out of bed, I forgot that James' feeding line was laying across me. I don't know how or why I forgot, I think I was distracted. As soon as I stood up I realized I was tangled in the tube, which is like an IV line, and James cried.

Immediately I felt horrible and scooped him up in my arms, afraid to see what damage I might have caused. To my amazement and relief, he settled down pretty easily. I hoped it wasn't a big deal. Once he was settled down, I peeked, cautiously (remember, I don't do blood well). There were some things outside the dressing area that shouldn't be, but there was no blood.

Katie and I got ourselves together, sort of, and I called for the nurse. She is new to us, but I already like her. She checked his tube and called for a chest x-ray to check placement. Then she told me, very nicely, that she suspected it was out and would need to be replaced. I really felt terrible. Jennifer did tell me that the hardest part of taking the tube out was already past and that I shouldn't feel bad.

After the x-ray, I took James from Katie and the tube actually dropped to the floor.

The silver lining in all this is that James will get a different kind of central line--a port-a-cath--which will allow him to go swimming this summer (though only in a chlorinated pool--no lakes, streams, rivers, etc.--but he couldn't do those anyway with his g-tube.) It looks like they will be able to put the line in this afternoon. James is the first add-on after five scheduled procedures.

In the meantime, he will need an IV and we are looking forward to a visit from the home folks today.
Love, Stephanie


Mom/Nona said...

Good Morning - actually almost noon here. I read with 'curled toes' your mishap with the feeding tube. Thankful it was no worse than it was and that there actually was a 'silver lining'. I'm sure this will be just one of many kinds of 'mishaps' over the years to come and hopefully they will all be 'not serious'. Sweet, sweet photos... I think I'll pick up some more photo paper at WalMart today when I make my run and start printing them all out for the start of a 'photo album'!! Wish we had some snaps of your views from the Duluth hospital & Fairview window too. Hugs to all when they get there today - I'm still runny nosed and blowing so have e-mailed Dad I can't go tomorrow if he's still going. Love you - love to all, M/N
Will look for update later after procedure if you can.

Anonymous said...

Dear Stephanie: I am so sorry you had trouble with the Hickman, but you will find the porta-cath a huge improvement, I think. John was actually so interested in reading the last posting-Thursday? that he sat and used the new computer for the first time. So-thanks. Love, Nan