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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The view

We have had some pretty incredible views over the past 40 or so days of being mostly in one hospital or another. You may remember that Owen and I had front row seats to the big storm in Duluth and the ensuing cleanup. We also had a nice view of Lake Superior, including sunrise over the lake. We had a room with a view of the Mississippi River complete with chunks of ice floating in it some of the time. And we had another room with a view of the older dormitory buildings on the campus and the University of Minnesota.

Now that we are in Georgia, we have a new view:

Please don't misunderstand. I am truly not complaining. The room is great in many ways. It is not so close to the nurses station, so it is much quieter. It is larger than most of the other rooms and it has great storage. It has a better bed for the other 'adult' that stays with us. It is private and has it's own bath, which we are welcomed to use. It has WiFi and we can be right in the room with James (and each other) and use the computer for all sorts of things, without tying up the phone line!
Love, Stephanie

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