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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Safe and sound

What an incredible trip we had. Through hail and severe thunderstorms, in traffic jams, and long days. We are so grateful to be all together again. Even though Vern, James and I will travel to Atlanta tomorrow.

We arrived in Milledgeville this afternoon and just spent time together. The children were in with Mrs. Anna (still pronounced missanna :*)) and we 'surprised' them there. We ran a few errands in town and relished being together.

Of course, billions of things went through my mind as we travelled. I did take some pictures that I might try to post another time. But now we are here and together and it is past my bedtime.

I am so thankful to have such a wonderful husband. He drove the whole way back from Minnesota (the fact that he loved driving the car we used did help, I'm sure). James blew out diapers all over the bed each night in the motel room and it was good to have an experienced nursing assistant available.

We are also grateful for all the wonderful thoughts and prayers on our behalf. Thank you (even though it seems so incredibly inadequate.) Tomorrow promises to be a long day. Please keep praying for James and for wisdom for us.

Love, Stephanie

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Anonymous said...

Dear Skellys:
Lucille is here for Easter supper and asked me how the Skellys are doing. I said I would show her your blog. So, we have looked at all of James' photos and read the last entry. I am hoping that we hear more soon. Also I hope that you are all togehter on this-your first Easter- in GA. Love, Nan