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Monday, April 2, 2007

A slight delay

We had a good night once James finally got cleaned out. He rested very comfortably for the night. His nurse got us up early (about 5:30), at my request so that we could give him a bath, change the dressing over his central line site (not my favorite thing to do, by far, but not as nerve-racking as I was afraid it would be.

This morning James' blood work came back saying that his hemoglobin was too low to travel, so he will have to get a pint of blood before we can leave.

Because it has been a while since he has gotten blood, they will need to do a type and cross before they can start the blood transfusion. The transfusion takes about two hours to do and the doctor just said to plan on a four to six hour delay.

This may mean it will take three 'easier' days to get to Toomsboro. Please pray for wisdom to balance our strong desire to be home and be together as a family again with James' needs. And that we would know how to help James' little system to work better (especially in terms of moving things through) while he has to deal with the added stress/complication of chemotherapy.

I hope to post a quick note whenever we get to leave--or if there is a longer delay.

Love, Stephanie

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