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Monday, April 16, 2007

We have a porta-cath

Sunday was a pretty relaxing day for the Skelly hospital detachment. We enjoyed a visit from my dad, who thoroughly enjoyed playing James' version of catch. The main Skelly crew had a two-hour power outage in the morning and another seven-hour outage in the evening. There's a little motivation to keep some more emergency water on hand :*).

It wasn't until 2:45 that they took James into surgery to insert his porta-cath. He finally came back up to us at around 5:00. At the moment I am not real thrilled with the porta-cath, but I hope I'll adjust over time. Katie suggested that we will like it much more at home and less in the hospital. At this point, I would tend to agree. James' nurse, Maggie, brought up a 'dummy' and showed us how the whole thing works, so that does help. Right now, for those of you who might understand, the access is oriented to go up and over his back. I think I may like it better when it comes down in front instead. But that is a week away--unless we are able to go home first.

Love, Stephanie

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