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Friday, April 27, 2007

Family time

James improvement has been so great, we have been out and about, exploring the hospital. Yesterday we discovered the library. I had also been having some trouble with the laptop, but Vern, my hero, worked some of his computer magic and now it seems to be working much better (read: it hasn't dumped all my 'hard work').

The main Skelly clan came up today for some family time. Courtesy of the Cancer Center, they have a motel room nearby (we don't fit in a room at Ronald McDonald house). We are very grateful for the time to be together.

The weather was phenomenal today and we spent a good bit of time outside.

We even got all together on the same side of the camera. No easy feat for this crowd!
Just the children: Carrie, 4; Hannah, 13 (and a half); Owen, 11; Katie, 15 holding James, 2; and Becca, 7.

The still-happy couple. Dr. Keller said the other that he generally sees two results in families who experience childhood cancer. They either deepen their faith and their 'life/family mission' and their relationships with one another and their god, or they fall apart. By God's grace, we deeply desire to remain in the first category. We believe the Lord is honoring that desire. Please pray for us as the Lord brings us to mind.
James' social worker, Kris, who took the photos of our family, has given us an excellent beginning here at Egleston's. She is leaving for London with her husband in another month. Today was her last day here. We will definitely miss her (though she has left us in good hands). I'm sure Kris would like me to tell you that a couple of weeks before we met her, she shaved her head for a fundraiser to help raise money for children with cancer.

We're looking forward to another special family day together tomorrow. It blesses this Momma's heart to see James' eyes light up at the sight of his sisters, his brother and his daddy.

Love, Stephanie

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