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Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Fools

Today is April 1, and therefore April Fools day. This evening there has been alot of slime going around. Tara, one of the nurses acted in company with the charge nurse, Kathy, and they slimed the HUC's phone. (The HUC is the unit secretary.) I helped out by watching out for Jill, the HUC, and told Tara when I saw her.)

Then to get back, Jill slimed our door, because she thought that Tera was our nurse. She was not. Barb, James' evening nurse got the slime. Next, Jill slimed Kathy's phone and mouse and got Kathy to use her mouse.

Jill came into our room and asked me to come out in a few minutes, which I did. I went to the other side of the nurses station and talked with some of the nurses. When I went back, Jill had slimed our door to get me. That time she failed, I saw the glint of the light in the slime and having watched them slimed the other nurses, I opened the door just above the slime.

It has been real fun this evening. Thanks to April fools day and all the nurses.

Love, Hannah

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