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Friday, April 27, 2007

No news is good news

At least most of the time. Usually when I can't get a post up, it means we are busy in a good way, or that there is nothing new to report. Occasionally, it will be a delay for me to wrap my brain around what is going on so I can report on it. I PROMISE, if things get BAD, we will make a way to post so you can know that we need extra prayers.

We do covet your prayers and appreciate you checking up on us and James. Thank you for all your thought prayers and good wishes.

Thursday, we enjoyed a visit from my mom and aunt. We ate lunch together in the garden, and when James warned us that he was getting drops of rain on his almost-bare head, we moved to shelter just in time to avoid a real downpour.

Love, Stephanie

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the traditional Skelly birthday song. It was wonderful to find it on the machine when we came home from my birthday celebration dinner in Duluth (also included a stop for lumber at Menards). 60 doesn't seem so bad-even with the gimpy knee. I'm just grateful to have such good friends and a wonderful husband. We're glad that it seems to be going well there-could there can be a break from the hospital for a while? Love to all of you-we'll call soon. Nan