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Saturday, May 5, 2007

We're home!

I just finished typing up a nice post about home, how wonderful it is to be here and the tremendous welcome home meal (and sign) we enjoyed. I wrote something about the first night being tough for James (he's congested, we think it's allergies) and how we are getting him into a good routine, but it will take while for it to be reasonable (in terms of how much time of the day we are spending on his cares). I even wrote about not having to be back to the clinic or hospital til next Thursday as long as James is doing well. Dr. Keller is postponing the vincristine he was supposed to get over the next two weeks so that James' body has a better/longer opportunity to heal first. Then, poof, it disappeared into cyber space.
So, now I just want to get this up and let you know that as we get a handle on James' fluid needs, he is settling in well, though there are some definite issues we are concerned about (hydration and comfort being primary. I am starting to catch up on much needed rest. We are catching up on hugs and snuggles and we've been able to spend some time outside. I even went for a good walk with Rebecca and Carrie this afternoon.
IF all goes well with James, we will have a checkup appointment at the clinic next Thursday and then he will be admitted for some chemo May 21st.
Please pray:
  1. that all would go well with James--specifically no fever, no infection, no mucusitis (this would be a miracle, but we'd like to ask), no pain or discomfort that cannot be taken care of at home.
  2. that James' dry skin, yeast rash and his terribly dry, chapped lips would heal quickly and completely.
  3. for wisdom as we settle back in as a family and work towards buying land to build on.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking up on us. We are grateful for your support.

Love, Stephanie

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