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Thursday, May 24, 2007

So many pictures, so many memories

Here is just a small sampling of some of the normal things that occurred during our glorious two and a half weeks home from the hospital.

Settling in and getting stronger

Sitting with Katie for some extra support.

Sitting on his own--getting stronger.

Taking on the manly jobs

Owen, 11 helped Vern build the brooder and pen for the newly ordered chicks. He got the privilege of using a borrowed staple gun to finish up the job--stapling the chicken wire in place.

Farmers again!

It was an exciting day to drive to the post office in our new town and pick up our chicks. We ordered 100 meat chicks and 50 pullets (baby hens), seven of which will eventually go to a friend. The children are excited to be farming again as well. All of us are looking forward to healthy and taste-y chicken raised on pasture and processed by hand. The meat birds should be ready in about eight weeks. We are also waiting with great anticipation having our own delicious fresh eggs (from hens on pasture--which makes for tastey and healthy eggs!) It will likely be five to six months before we are eating our own eggs.

Note the little yellow chicks above--these are meat bird chicks. In about eight weeks they will be ready to 'process' for the freezer. You can now say you have seen feathered pigs! I hope to post more pictures of them as they grow. The darker chick in the bottom left corner above is a white rock chick and should grow to be a laying hen.

The pretty golden chicks in the photos above will grow to be Buff Orpingtons--my personal favorite laying hen.
Kitty thinks she might like to help with this new farming venture. Her responsibility is harvesting mice.
As much as possible we raise our meat birds out in the fresh air and sunshine. For their safety, they need to be kept warm and out of drafts for the first two to three weeks. For the remainder of their time, they enjoy fresh pasture at least daily.

100% boy!

In the kitchen
Supervising Hannah making his yogurt milk. We like to have James have as much *real* food as we can. Even while we are using his feeding tube.
Too thick, needs more milk.

That's it Hannie! You got it!

Sweet boy, doting sisters, favorite brother and DADDY

A Skelly family tradition called "Double-teaming."

Signing "Daddy" with a James accent.

Carrie Rose with no curls

Special Celebrations--Passover

While we are not religious or cultural Jews, we have a deep connection to the man who was, arguably, the most famous Jew in history. He celebrated the Passover just before he died on the cross to save us from our sins. Because of that, we desired to learn more about the connection. A number of years ago at a home school conference in Georgia, we attended a seminar that included a talk about the Passover Seder. We determined to at least celebrate it one time.

It has become our families favorite holiday celebration. We like to celebrate in on Maundy Thursday, but when we can't, we just try to enjoy this incredibly meaningful time.

Since we spent that time at the hospital this year, we decided to just pick a night and celebrate.

Everybody helps get ready for the seder in some way!

Our loveliest Passover Seder table yet, thanks to our wonderfully hospitable friends--I hope to introduce you to them in the near future.

Those that wish to participate in the hunt for the afikomen must cover their eyes while it is being hidden. Finding it is not such as easy task as one would think. But the prize is always worth the hunt!
After the party, the nap!
Chasing Hannah

Actually he wasn't chasing Hannah, but there was some extra motivation to pull himself up. While he was home from the hospital, James regained all of his gross motor skills (like pulling up to standing and cruising along the furniture). We will continue to practice the skills and work to build up his strength and endurance.

Thanks for rejoicing with us in the little joys of daily life.

Love, Stephanie

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