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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A job?

Monday, while we were waiting for James to get out of surgery and trying to get a little snack out of the vending machine, Vern's phone rang. He almost didn't answer it, since he was in the middle of such an important task and he didn't recognize the number. :*)

But something compelled him to answer the phone and it was the principal from Johnson County, with whom Vern had briefly met last week when he submitted his application package for a math teaching position there. He was very busy last week with the finishing up of the school year and testing and all and he told Vern he would call him next week after their brief conversation. We thought he would call to schedule an interview and wondered how long the process might take and how many, if any others, had applied for the position. Instead, this man asked Vern if he could recommend Vern to the school board for them to consider him Tuesday night at their meeting.

Vern said yes.

We hope to know something more about this job by Wednesday or Thursday and we are grateful to the Lord for this turn of events as we learned last week that two of the positions Vern had applied for were already filled.

Please pray with us that if this is the job the Lord has for Vern, everything would work smoothly and if He has something better that He would close this door.

Love, Stephanie

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