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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back on track, we hope

At 3:15 this afternoon we finally got James' chemo (IV methotrexate) running through his port. It was an effort to get to that point, but I am glad we got here. The methotrexate with run until 3:15 tomorrow afternoon, then James will get 24 hours of bicarbonate flush to help him get the methotrexate out of his system. My undertanding is that we still have a chance of going home Thursday evening. Our nurse today told me that she has seen them discharge patients as late as 7 p.m. That is good news.

When I talked to Vern he said something about James Arthur Arthur Skelly and suggested that we call him Murphy.

I'm still trying to get the name on his chart corrected. The nurses think we are funny.

Love, Stephanie

P.S. I was having difficulty with the computer earlier today, but everything seems to be working well (now that all the day people have gone home), so I will try to post some photos next.

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