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Friday, May 25, 2007

Extended stay

Early this morning, James spiked another fever. I don't remember the numbers. The concern is that he may have a staph type infection. So sometime soon, someone will come up to try to get James an IV so we can give him vancomycin which is a good antibiotic to use against staph.

It is still possible that things could clear up enough that we could take James home this weekend. If that happens, we could take home an oral antibiotic to complement the vancomycin. However, we may determine it is best to stay here through the weekend and go ahead and remove his port early next week.

It just depends.

Vern stayed at the Ronald McDonald house last night and is here with us today. While he is here, Katie and I may take a break and go out to do some things. We are still deciding how to handle the days coming up.

Please pray for wisdom for us and for James, as he goes through another IV stick and fights whatever it is. On the up side, his counts are all good and we seem to have caught this early.

Love, Stephanie

for Mary--Could you somehow get me your e-mail address? You can leave it in a comment which I won't post.
for Marian--yes, we did get the stick. (Thanks!) No, we haven't had time to weave. :*) I will try to e-mail soon.
for Lori--I will post some info on pro-biotics as soon as I can. Maybe sooner than I had thought, since we will be here at least another day or two.

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