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Friday, May 25, 2007

Blood test pass; Temp test no pass

This afternoon we were pleased to learn that James blood methotrexate levels were acceptably low and he could now go home. All the paperwork was in order and the nurse had logged into the computer saying we had gone home. We hadn't though. Vern was on the way and we were packing up our things.

And James was acting puny.

Then he felt warm, so I took his temp. He had a fever of 38.7 degrees Celsius (101.8 F). So we couldn't go home.

We suspect this has something to do with all the trauma to his port site (it's pretty red, even now). As a precaution, they are running a blood culture (another stick from the lab) and he got two shots of rocephine (an antibiotic). We will stay overnight to be sure he doesn't spike a temp again. Please pray that whatever is causing James' temps will clear up and go away and there is not and won't be any infection.

Vern was nearly 2/3s here and so he came on and spent the evening with us. He is staying at the Ronald McDonald house tonight. We hope to go home tomorrow... but as usual, there are 'no promises'.

The rest of the children are in great hands with our friends, the Clayton's. Pray for all the folks at home too, please.

Thanks for sharing our sorrows and our joys. We are mindful that the Lord is always with us, holding us in the very palm of His hand. I wish I had the time and opportunity to share so much more.

Love, Stephanie

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