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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Another busy hospital day

Last night, frankly, was miserable. James couldn't nurse at all (a huge source of comfort for him these days) because he was to be sedated in the morning for a lumbar puncture (LP). In the future, I will press for an approximate procedure time and he will be NPO for no more than six hours prior to that time. I just hate arbitrary edicts from people who do not know my son. (Climbs down off soapbox.)

The LP itself actually went very well and James was so relieved to finally snuggle, nurse and give up and take a good long nap. Me, too. We wouldn't have even made it through the night last night without Hannah. She did great and she got a good nap today too. Tonight she has a headache, so please pray for her health and comfort too.

After the LP, during which they took a fluid sample and pushed methotrexate into his spinal fluid, we had a busy day. Speech therapy dropped by and since he was doing so well, they encouraged physical therapy to stop by, then the audiologist came by. James new molds from February are now attached to his aids and he seemed to be glad to have them back--though not so glad while we were putting them in. We will be working on his re-adjustment to them again for the next while and tomorrow they are hoping to get him a hearing test in the sound booth.

We met a new oncologist today and then the discharge nurse and resident came back because they had forgotten to tell me that things were moving along for us to go home this week. They plan to have all their ducks in a row by Wednesday. This doesn't mean we will go home Wednesday, but things will be in place, so that IF all is well with James' counts and his elimination of the methotrexate, we might get home Thursday or Friday. Friday is more likely. Please pray that James' counts will say it is safe for him to go home--Thursday would be nice.

James' protocol for more of the offending Vincristine next Monday and he will be admitted for that--most leukemia patients get this in the clinic. But James is different and we live two hours from the hospital. It wouldn't be a big surprise if we end up being in the hospital for another 2-3 weeks.

Tonight, Jenn, James' nurse, came in to change James' ileostomy bag. There was a small spot under the dressing portion (a little smaller than an M&M) that is breaking down. Jenn is VERY concerned about how his skin will handle the chemo waste from the methotrexate that passes into his bag. There isn't much exposure, but it could leak and cause James some great discomfort. Please pray for protection for James' skin from the methotrexate and any other unknown irritations.

At home, Vern continues to submit applications for math and technology teaching positions near our new home. He did get word that one position was filled. There is also some talk about getting some meat bird chicks and some pullets (future laying hens) soon. Please pray for the Lord to lead Vern to just the right position for him and for wisdom as Vern gets ready to make some final decisions regarding our future housing. I know he is feeling confident because he went for the ten-year driver's license. You can change your address on it for free one time.

We've never, in our married lives, lived anywhere for ten years. I'm excited.

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Lori F said...

Praying for you all today. Home is always good even if it's for a few days! :)