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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pray for David

Not too long after we were admitted here, I met the mom of a young man, now 18, who was getting ready for his second bone marrow transplant (BMT). David is now 6 days post-tranplant--he has six siblings and two of his sisters are perfect matches for his marrow. He has had an increasingly difficult time and today was moved to the ICU. His blood pressure is really low (90/30, I think his mom said) and his pulse his high. His counts are near nothing and his temps are near 102F. They suspect he has some sort of infection, but haven't yet determined what kind.

A little history: When David was 15, he was diagnosed with ALL (the same kind of leukemia James is being treated for). Because he was 15, his cure rate dropped significantly (children diagnosed between the ages of one and nine have the best cure rate). Seventeen months into his treatment, David relapsed and had a BMT. Fourteen months later he relapsed again and that is why he is having BMT #2.

I really only know his mom, Pam. She loves the Lord and wants him to be glorified in all this. Please pray for David and his family. You can read more about David here. You can also use the link to the right under "Other families fighting cancer."

Love, Stephanie

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