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Monday, October 1, 2007

Settling in

We're all settled in at the hospital. One of our favorite nurses got us all set up. James and I were snuggling in his bed watching the Mr. Fixit Bible videos and Hannah had gone out to see if she could find a wheelchair we could use to take James for a walk. He was asking (with signs) to go for a walk.

Just about the time Hannah returned with the treasured wheelchair, we realized that something on James was leaking. Hannah found his IV line had come disconnected! Thankfully, it had only come apart along the IV line and it didn't get pulled out of James. Our nurse came right in and got things cleaned up and hooked back together. I was relieved that it didn't end up being a HUGE chemical spill situation. We changed the bedding and were giving James a bath to be sure none was left to sit on his tender skin, when he plopped his foot into the bathing basin and tipped it over, flooding his bed. We rescued him and dried him off, finished cleaning him up and then waited for the bed to dry before we made it up again.

By the time we went for our walk, it was nearly 8:30 and we were grateful the cafeteria was still open--we just made it. Now we are at the library (checking the times they are open tomorrow :*) ).. and shortly we hope to return to the room. I hope to be sleeping soon. I have been up since 5 and didn't get the nap that Hannah and James got on the drive up... nor the nap James had this afternoon.

Hopefully the rest of our visit will be a little less exciting!

Good night.

Love, Stephanie

P.S. Daddy, Vern thinks the computer problem has something to do with a device driver, but that is all we know and is from the error messages we were getting.

P.P.S. Vern and some of the children spent more time at the house tonight. If you think of it, our goal is to move in the first of November--ambitious, but possible, Lord willing!

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