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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Counting down

In an hour, we will draw James' blood to check for his methotrexate levels. If it is .02 or less, we get to go home. It will take about an hour for the test results to come back.

This morning we had to have a little excitement, so we woke to a nastly sour smell in the room. Turns out it was James ;*)... the medicine port on his g-tube had come open and about three hours worth of his formula leaked out into the bed all over him and Hannah. While Hannah jumped in the shower, I cleaned up James and the bed. We finally had to get our friend, Mrs. Alice, from housekeeping to help us get the smell out of the mattress. She used some sort of 'miracle juice'. I'll have to ask what it was!

Other than that, we have talked to lots of people today--nurses stopping by to see James and say 'hi' as well as the nutritionist, the ostomy nurse (who brought us some new options in ostomy bags for us to try out), the social worker, and the doctors and nurse practitioner. I sure appreciate all the specialty care that is available and how everyone works to coordinate things and keep Dr. Keller in the loop.

We hope to see the hospital in our review mirror around 5 or 6 tonight. I may not be able to post before we go, but I will if we have to stay! :*)... so no news is good news.

Thanks for stopping by.. and for your prayers. James is doing very well and we are very grateful.

Love, Stephanie

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