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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Home and running

We arrived home last night pretty near 8 p.m. There were a few delays getting out of the hospital, none of which could really be helped in the end. We went straight home--we did not pass 'go' or get gas or food. Despite leaving at the height of rush hour, we had a pretty clear drive home.

It took a while to get everything settled once we arrived, but there was a delicious homemade meal waiting for us and we were all finally in bed by midnight.

This morning, the plumber is working at the house, installing the plumbing fixtures (sinks and toilets). The power company was there too, waiting for the much-needed rain to let up so they can trench in our power line and connect it to the house. The HVAC man is supposed to come this afternoon to finish up his stuff. Things are moving along and we are still trying hard to make a Nov 2 or 3 move in date. Thanks for praying for us.

James is doing very well, by the way. He needs to stay awake more today so that he can sleep more tonight!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Stephanie

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