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Monday, October 8, 2007

Home tomorrow?

James just finished getting a blood transfusion (because his hemoglobin dropped to 6.6 this morning). He is looking much pinker and less tired. Once we get a visit from the GI nurse to switch him to an adjustableg-tube, we'll head out for a walk. He is doing much better now that we have him on all the right antibiotics. We are waiting til tomorrow to see if perhaps the staph infection was due contamination of sample, since he hasn't grown out any more staph so far.

They are working on getting IV antibiotics set up for home and we are hoping to head home tomorrow (Tuesday), Lord willing.

Please leave a note if you can. We love to hear from you and know who is following James' progress. Thanks for stopping by.

Love, Stephanie

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Anonymous said...

Dear Skelly's,

We continue to pray for James and we thank the Lord for His care for all of you.

Pam and Family