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Tuesday, October 2, 2007


James' chemo is finished and now we are waiting for 24 hours (with fluids) to see if he will again flush his methotrexate out within the first 24 hours following the end of his chemo infusion. the chemo ended today at 3:40 p.m. Tomorrow at 3:40 p.m. his nurse will draw his blood and then we will wait for the results to see if we get to go home tomorrow night. We are hopeful, but it's a pretty objective standard!

While we are waiting we have read, napped, snuggled and watch the whole series of three Hallmark "Sarah, Plain and Tall" movies. Don't watch without a box of kleenex if you are prone to do silly things like weep over movies. I used plenty.... of kleenex.

Last night, there was a family standing in the hall about the time we went to bed. There was a doctor talking with them. This morning, some of them were in the hall again. Some looked like they had been crying. A couple of nurses and one of the fellows were there and they were talking quietly and hugging. As they left the floor, I wondered if something quietly tragic had happened. Had a family lost a child? It was so quiet. It seemed to pass almost unnoticed.

Later in the morning, I saw a nurse, a Christian young lady I know well, and asked if a child had passed away this morning. She looked a little surprised. She told me what she could--the child was a girl, she was about three years old. She had a tumor in her head, but not a brain tumor, maybe a muscle tumor. She had been in pain, and the family was, partly, relieved for her. She was in the hospital primarily for pain control.

It was really odd to me to have such a HUGE loss just two doors down and to not even be able to tell them I was sorry. To have a sense that this had happened and yet not have anything to say. Perhaps they preferred it that way and that is OK. But off and on during the day I have thought of this family and another I knew when we were in Maryland about thirteen years ago who lost a daugter to a brain tumor. As you read this, would you pray for this little girl's family--that the Peace that passes understanding would guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. I do not know if they are believers.

So I am especially grateful that the Lord has chosen, for now, anyway, to preserve James for us. He is such a joy and a treasure. He is so full of life now and growing and doing normal things. He loves to greet people with a handshake and seems to be the consummate little gentelman when he does it. I am glad that he can be such a bright spot for many. I wonder, with great hope, what God has in store for his future.

Love, Stephanie

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