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Monday, October 22, 2007

Home early, we hope

Please forgive my many typos in the last posts. I have been in a hurry to get off the computer and get back to James and I'm not doing the best job of proofreading.

Yesterday was a great day. We had a long time with the family and Vern and I were able to just sit and talk about things we haven't been able to talk about for some time. I was glad to get some snuggle time with Becca, too, who has really been needing her Momma to be a little more available--we have been talking on the phone a lot and I am glad to be able to do that. I always like to be able to hug the children and tussle their hair. It's so nice to say and hear "I love you" in person. I pray I never take that for granted.

Today our favorite Nurse Practitioner on the floor, Colleen, came in and said, "I'm going to find out what we need to do to get you guys home." Hooray! The goal is to get us out of here tomorrow although we might not make it till Wednesday. (Tuesday would be a good thing to pray for!) James' counts are good, none of his cultures grew back any kind of bacteria and he is more and more like a two-year-old in captivity here! He still cannot eat anything by mouth and won't be able to until everything heals up really well. He is usually fine with this as long as we are sensitive not to eat in front of him. For nutrition, he would go home on TPN (IV feeds).

Dr. Tenjarla said that the healing of James' g-tube site was 'miraculous'. Please pray that healing continues. James was due to have chemo today, but that will be postponed. Pray for wisdom on the timing of starting that back up. Of course, all the delays will mean that his treatment lasts longer, but that is okay.

On the house front, things are moving along. It was a productive weekend and we should actually have power connected to the house today or tomorrow--that will be a big milestone! The plumber is planning to come Wednesday to install all the fixtures (except for the kitchen sink). We are hoping the kitchen counter will arrive Wednesday to be installed Wednesday or Thursday.

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. I am hoping to get over to the library this afternoon. That is my 'last chance' for uploading photos to the blog. It would be okay to pray about that too! :*).

Love, Stephanie

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